Why therapy / councelling?

Are you stuck in life? Do you struggle with painful feelings? Is your relationship moving in the wrong direction? Individual and couples therapy can help to solve many issues.

Individual therapy; when you:

  • Suffer from depression, stress or anxiety
  • Have a low self esteem
  • Are a highly sensitive person
  • You or your relatives are physically or mentally ill
  • Are in distress or deal with old trauma
  • Need to handle other difficult situations

Couples therapy; when you:

  • Argue a lot
  • Have grown apart and no longer can feel the love for each other
  • Have experienced infidelity
  • Are in a crisis or want to prevent a crisis
  • You want to positively develop your relationship

Therapy offers an opportunity to explore who you are and how to move forward. Through discussion, we look at personal patterns, relational patterns and the circumstances in which such patterns are activated. We explore the pattern’s origins, advantages and disadvantages.

My Approach

The human emotional system is a kind of navigational tool that tells us how we feel and what we need. Many people take unhealthy or undesirable courses in life because they have not listened to or taken responsibility for their difficult feelings. Often it seems easier to show anger than to show pain and need for love and understanding from those close to us. Therefore, emotions are an important focal point of the therapeutic work.

During therapy we identify your immediate emotions and your deepest feelings and needs. The work goes on in a gentle, respectful and caring atmosphere. I make sure to provide you a safe environment where you feel as comfortable as possible. In each session we will explore a range of tools which you can immediately use to help create better relations and a better life in the future.

About Me

I am a qualified psychotherapist, couples therapist and anthropologist and a member of the Danish Association of Psychotherapists (Dansk Psykoterapeutforening).

I offer individual as well as couples therapy in Danish, Swedish and English. If you have any questions about me or my work please do contact me by phone or the contact form on this page.